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My overview of H5-0 3.01

I didn't do this last year, there were so many other people doing it and really, I didn't have a lot to add one way or the other. But it seems the majority of those who wrote these have moved on in some form or manner. So now I'm going to do it for myself and leave it at that.

I'm behind here so I'll do my best to catch up this week. But for now, here is the first episode of Season Three.

[3.01 L O Na Makuahine (Mother's Day)]

I was so excited about the season starting over again and I wasn't disappointed. The premier of Five-0's third season literally picked up where it left off- where Steve opened the door and had his entire belief system upended in the next breath. 

While Steve struggles with the shock, we watch Malia die and Kono rescued at the same time. It wasn't exactly a secret at this point about who would make it and who wouldn't. 

Steve's always been a wounded soul and it all started for him with the supposed death of his mother. Everything that happened to him after that was a direct result of that event. So he has a right to his confusion and anger. It's a lot to swallow when not only did she fake her death, but apparently her life as well. 

So what exactly is Steve supposed to do with that? His pain and anger are real and he doesn't have his support system with him he's grown accustomed to leaning on- that being mainly Danny. I give Alex a lot of credit for this, for the anguish and hurt he displays in just the body language and his eyes. He makes it easy for us to be just as angry. 

Christine Lahti brings an interesting take on a woman we really knew nothing about. In all honesty, Steve never talked about her. You don't want to hate her, but as a character, she's not exactly endearing from the start. She'll reach out to Steve for understanding, but is quick to be defensive when he points out some simple truths to her. This a complicated character, something I like. She comes with no easy answers, but a hell of a lot of questions, we can all see that. So far, I like her addition to the cast and what she brings. 

The scene where Danny and Steve join Chin and Kono at the morgue is sad and special. This is family, this is Steve's family and Doris is on the other side- literally, looking in. They are there for each other, there for Chin Ho because that's what family is for them. 

The smack down in the Camero between her and Danny was both funny but also very telling. She is quick to try and put Danny in his place in a way that says she is Steve's mom and she doesn't need nor appreciate Danny's attitude. She's jealous- it's not like she's screaming it- but it's there. Danny and Chin Ho and Kono are Steve's family now, Danny clearly being her toughest competition. Trying to make Danny look like a bad parent though is a bad move, considering she has no idea the sacrifices Danny made to be in Hawaii with his daughter. And as Danny pointed out to her, she's the last person to be handing out parenting advice. 

These two clearly took different paths- Danny being the complete opposite of Doris in that he won't give up his daughter. In typical Danny fashion, he's not going to pretend he approves of what Doris did and will say so. 

I like Catherine, I always have. She's intelligent and can stand with Steve very well. I got a kick out of her telling Steve that if he didn't have "Mommy issues" before and letting that trail off. She can see the tension Steve has with Doris. Doris is again faced with more of Steve's support system and as she did with Danny, she puts Catherine on the defensive with quick blunt questions like what does Steve call her? And later, when she finally pins Catherine by asking with no warning if Catherine loved her son? To which Catherine is floored. 

Kamekona's remarks are always good for a laugh and we all try to grasp an image of a young Stevie in camo footie PJs. A sweet memory that is a sharp contrast to the complete lie most of Doris' life has been. 

Danny's ringtones return after being absent all of second season. It's a bit jarring that we go from Danny helping Rachel deliver her baby to the two coming full circle to where we were at the beginning of first season, as evidenced by Danny's new ringtone for her- Evil Woman. I feel like we missed a few steps here in last season and I know that some things were juggled because Alex wasn't there and I can't help but wonder if the development/change in Danny's relationship to Rachel didn't fall victim to that. Because it just seems out of the blue. And let me be clear- I like Rachel. I don't want to end up hating her. 

What bothered me here more that the ping ponging on Rachel's character, is Steve's reversal from a few days ago, before he went to Japan and found he had a mother who was still breathing. Before, when Danny told him what was happening, Steve was quick to ask Danny if he was going to up and follow every time Stan gets a new contract. When Danny says no- he's making his stand here- Steve is relieved. Now we have him basically telling Danny that maybe it would be better for all if he picked up and went to Vegas. To which Danny is annoyed beyond the pet name of Boo Boo. And no doubt, a bit hurt under that. As well he should be. 

All of this is backdrop to the mystery of how Wo Fat got away (via a massive claw that was a bit fantastical for me) and then how Delano fit into this. Leaving a trail of bodies that include not only Malia, but the prison guards in the transport and an ill fated construction crew, Delano can cash in on serial killer fame here. He's not the slick evil of Wo Fat, just an ugly smear that regards life cheaply. 

But even the best laid plans go awry for Delano when our team puts the pieces together. Oh and to be foiled by of all things- a traffic accident! This results in a wild shoot out in the middle of Honolulu with dozens of bystanders but amazingly, no one gets shot but the bad guys. During this, Chin Ho sees Delano make an exit and follows him. As Steve and Danny exchange shots with the rest of Delano's now abandoned crew, Kono finds herself going after Toothpick. In a great feat of bad assery that McGarrett would be proud of, we watch her leap on the hood of the car Toothpick grabs and shoots him through the windshield.

You go girl! 

Chin Ho continues to follow Delano, tracking him down with a single mindedness that is clear. Delano has no hope of getting out of this and after Chin has already shot him several times, finds himself laying there, knowing he's dead. But he has to make an attempt to save his life, telling Chin he isn't the dirty cop he so smugly accused him of the night before. That only a dirty cop would shoot an unarmed man. We all know what happens next. 

Of course Wo Fat is now at the safe house. Now we get bad ass Catherine as she deals with one of Wo Fat's henchmen in true McGarrett style. But even as she does, Wo Fat has slipped by her like a ninja, on up to where Momma McGarrett is waiting with one of Catherine's pistols. (The girl must carry two with her at all times apparently…) 

This all ends with gunshots, Steve arriving and racing upstairs to find his mother (and Catherine) okay and Wo Fat gone like a the afore mentioned ninja. How amazing no one but the SWAT team and the henchman got hurt? 

In the end, Steve sends his mother away. In a goodbye that seems to have him accepting to some degree, that this is his mother for good or bad, he tells her he will find her once Wo Fat is dealt with. She reminds him that she always loved him. Doris boards the private jet (who is paying for that, btw?) and taxis off into the sunset. So it's Danny's unenviable task to arrive in that moment sun and rain on Steve's parade. It seems that Doris was the only one who took any shots back at the safe house, and she shot at the floor, not at Wo Fat. Go figure? 

So now we have the mystery of Doris McGarrett, who is still hiding a great deal more than Steve bargained for. I can only imagine the trust issues to arise out of this!

Favorite moment- Steve calling Danny "Boo-Boo" and Danny's reaction. Bears are out!
Beyond ridiculous- the helicopter and claw. Really? MacGyver?  

Rating: A

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