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It's my Friday off! Already ran my errands. Need to do a few house chores than I'm gonna see if I can settle into some writing here.

Tomorrow I start my marathon house/cat sitting gig. I'm at the "Spa" house (my regular gig) until Thursday. Love that place and I'm so glad when they ask me to come over and take care of it and their cat while they go on vacation. Then my manager is going to Ireland for 10 days starting on the 18th, so I'm watching her house and two young cats from the 18th until the 28th. It's a sweet older home with a lot of character. The only draw back is it is a bit of a drive to work everyday. But she's not only paying me- but she's giving me a gas card and grocery gift card. How sweet is that I ask you?

So today and tomorrow I'll start organizing for all of that.

Next week will likely be the last week decynthus and I go walking at the park. We usually have to end it sometime in October so we are on track. They will be closing it to everyone shortly for the huge festival they do called Lights on the Lake. They've been setting up for it already since August!

Where did the summer go? Good grief.

Now to do some dishes and try a new recipe out- chocolate cranberry bread. Hmmm. Will let you all know how it turns out and put the recipe up if it works.
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