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Eye candy night canceled and moved to next week.

We're doing good here- to be honest I think this will be more hype than harm here which is fine. Although I've never seen people here panic quite the way they did- we get a snow storm coming in that will dump two feet of snow in twenty four hours and we thumb our noses at it. Tell us we might get some wind and rain and the power might go out? It's like saying it's the apocolypse or something. Stores over run, bottle water stripped off shelves. And really people, kitty litter? There was a run on kitty litter? I'm so not going there.

My sister lives in Connecticut so she is in harm's way. She's plenty high enough that the flooding won't harm her, but the wind is another thing. They still had power when I talked to her a few hours ago but most there didn't. Keep good thoughts for her and my son who got called up today to go to NYC with the National Guard.
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