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We just turned out our lights and closed up for the evening. Had about 30-40 kids this year- about average for us. But hardly any wee ones- mostly 10 years and up.

If you saw on the news that they are evacuating Bellvue Hospital in NYC- the National Guard is helping and that includes my son. He called tonight to let us know where he is and that he's okay. Will likely be down there for about 10 days he said.

A lot of us dressed up for Halloween at work. Including my manager- D'Arcy. Who was dressed as Carol Burnett playing Scarlett O'Hara. Those of us old enough to remember it got it right away. And she looked fantastic in her brocade drapes, curtain rod and tassels. There is probably the worst picture I've ever taken of me on Facebook dressed up in an Army green shirt, dog tags and boonie hat. OMG, I'm always saying I'm fat and ugly. Well, now there's proof positive out there. Good grief.

So, for some grins here is some of my co-workers:

[The crew I work with...]
My department Manager- D'Arcy

Brett Micheals came today- so unexpected! :)


And my manager- who we always call Devil Woman...


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