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While house/cat sitting for my boss, I feel in love with this- I'd been thinking of something like it as I like something where I can access my everyday jewerly with little fuss at 4:30AM trying to get ready for work. This beauty was perfect! And not only functional, but very pretty as well. I finally remembered to ask my boss where she got it from and ordered it for myself today. :)

God, it got cold fast. But I'm thankful that we have power and heat. My sister is okay, they have power where she is in Connecticut. And a few of my friends have checked in and are managing. But my heart breaks at the devastation down there. My son is still there as well, continuing his work with the National Guard.

Actually wrote today on a new project. Should have this segment done tonight. Then maybe I'll jump on Glimpses tomorrow.

Husband out of town since early yesterday morning. I took it off and loved every damn minute of it.
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