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What is it with people and cellphones?

Okay, this is a rant on people and their obsessive use of cellphones. So if you are one of those, I'm sorry but I have to say this.

What is it with people who can NOT put these things down? I'm mean, seriously. You can't go anywhere and not put that damned thing down to act like a normal person? And no, a normal person is not constantly texting- just so you know. I don't get it. I have a simple tracfone and it works just fine. It's a big deal if I use it twice a month.

My biggest pet peeve is driving and talking/texting on them. It's illegal in NY State. But people don't think that applies to them and that if they aren't caught, then there's nothing wrong with it. It's not just illegal, whether you're caught or not- it's dangerous!

Today's button pusher- the person who can't seem to grocery shop without the damned thing. Really? I mean, really, people? You can't go half an hour to 45 minutes without constantly texting and talking on that damned thing? I'm standing in line this morning behind a woman who is texting and won't put it down long enough to answer questions from the cashier. She's annoyed that the cashier would have to ask any questions to begin with.

Between that person and the one in the parking lot who is trying to back into a space with one hand on the wheel while she holds up the damned phone to her ear with the other- and failing miserably at the task, I find my annoyance level off the charts.

Enough already. Please. Is it so much to ask for some basic common sense and manners here?
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