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Getting a grip

Today was a much better day than yesterday and I got quite a bit done. I found my dining room table, btw.

I did some baking, and I have one more batch of regular chocolate chip cookies to do for my brother-in-law so that I can close and mail that box. HCat's box is done and sealed and her customs slip all filled out. My friend I go to the movies with- Kelly- her basket is all set as well.

I dipped two dozens spoons in chocolate.
Made two dozen English toffee bar cookies.
Dipped 2 dozen marshmellows in chocolate.
Wrapped and packed up two boxes to ship
Wrapped and packed one basket full of goodies that does not get shipped.
Knitted on baby blanket I need done by February.

Oh, and the best news of all. Remember my great cat integration project? Two sweet young lady cats and a grumpy old fat orange cat? Well, we let everyone have run of the house last night and guess what? No one killed anyone, no fights and with the light of day, everyone seemed fine. It's a huge break through for us.
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