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Grab bag

Okay, if I can find the pattern for these, it would be complete awesomeness.

shark week

Seriously, are these not the best? My cubby buddy LOVES Shark Week. Me, I can't resist the jokes that go with it. I can imagine her with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine- because really- she'd totally do that. I'd love to find the pattern for these.

eta: the pattern isn't out yet, but Ravelry will be offering it in 2013- here

My husband just left for NYC- where he will meet up with my son. My son is still down there, having volunteered for open ended orders- this will leave him there for at least a month, possibly more. So I spent the last couple of days baking like crazy while my husband bought all kinds of snacks and groceries among other things. Every once in a while he can come thru and be a geniune person- and reminds of the man I married 18 years ago.

I'm envious and thrilled for catyahwho is slamming it on her novel for NaNo. You go girl. My muses have sadly abandoned me and I'm still struggling to get things back on track. Even fanfiction is a struggle and that's my default when nothing else works.

Got paid for one of my web accounts I designed and maintain. $400- so I treated myself to a new coat and a seriously upgraded tracfone. I can't afford nor do I want to pay for a full smart phone. But the one I just ordered is damn close and will only cost me $75 a year. Anyway, got slightly off track... So new winter coat and new cellphone and the rest went into my Hawaii fund.

Oh, and I'm still shopping for software to decrypt and convert iTunes- I want to use those Five-0 episodes for vidding. No logos, HD, clean. I've got a few ideas but Tunebyte seems to be the best shot right now. If only I wasn't so afraid of new software- I'm such a loser when it comes to new software.

I'm turning into a bit of a purse hound. What is wrong with me?

Christmas shopping anyone? I've made a start but still have plenty to do. I need to hit Amazon for a few things. Aren't wishlists so awesome and helpful? And is anyone else as dismayed about Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving? Seriously, it's taking the sport out of that Friday morning after- where perfectly normal and sane people become raving lunatics, pressed against the glass doors at 4AM of your local Target and Wal-mart as they wait for the 6AM bell so they can trample each other for a big screen TV. My sister and I have more class than that- we go to the outlet mall instead, with a hot chocolate and a game plan.

Besides, I love Cyber Monday. Actually, I like "Cyber" on anyday of the week. It's hard to beat sitting at my computer in Hello Kitty socks and a ratty sweat shirt and getting it all delivered to my door step.

My CMRS crendentials went through- so I'm still a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist for yet another year. Big fat hair deal. Have adjusted my plan for the cardiology coding cert (CCC) to a spring exam as I didn't sign up in time for the December one. Truth is- I wasn't ready anyway. I'm in way over my head. Oy.

TV: Person of Interest was amazing and introduced more threads. Gotta love the damaged characters and they don't get more damaged than Reese with his twisted CIA past and Finch with his machine and trying to atone for what happened there. Hawaii Five-0 hit it out of the park for me this week. I wasn't going to do a write up but I may anyway. I can't help I'm a Danno girl and well, Scott ran with this. And Alex right with him. Everyone sees Steve as the damaged one and he is. But I've maintained that Danny is dealing with some serious shit as well and that was proven this week.

Last Resort got cancelled- I saw that coming a mile away. Too big a cast, to expensive to produce in Hawaii, not enough audience. And HCat is right, how would you support that type of premise over several seasons? Still, it was a cool idea- something different and refreshing to see. I've not seen Revolution.

Gloomy day out there and no husband- god I hope that translates into some fanfic at the very least.

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