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Here we go

Those that know me, know I'm a weeee bit tech challenged. Okay, stop laughing- a lot tech challenged. Anyway, I've been trying to find a better mousetrap for converting Five-0 episodes over to a clean and usable format that I can vid with- one that lets me keep the audio, works in Virtual Dub and is sharp with no logos. This is so I can vid. I've got the first two seasons- but they are all direct copies off the TV from downloads I was given and the audio is very hit and miss. It's extremely frustrating and I feel handicapped which takes a lot of the fun out of vidding for me.

After doing some research and talking to a few people, I bought and downloaded Tunebyte- the full blown version that should let me convert not only my first and second season DVDs, but this season off of iTunes. Keep your fingers crossed on that.

High fives all around in that I actually downloaded and installed the program all by myself- trust me- that's huge for me. I normally let my husband handle this but he highly disapproves of purchasing and downloading software off the internet, no matter how well recommended it comes. So yeah, I did this on the sly you could say. LOL

Next up? I need to move my iTunes off my laptop. The laptop is getting dated but there is nothing wrong with it- it's a Dell and a work horse and will likely keep right on ticking for a few more years. But what I can do on it is getting limited, including iTunes updates. So my next step is to get the iTunes software on my main rig, move the library over and then I can try playing with Tunebyte and a couple of episodes to see if I get what I want and need.

Oh the joy of being terrified of all this stuff. Ugh. It'll be so worth it though if I get what I need in the end.
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