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Now that was a surprise

My husband every so often floors me, for no other reason than for the most part, he's incredibly thoughtless. But last night he came home and gave this awesome book he'd found at Wal-mart.

The Vietnam War Experience

This is a HUGE book, with dimensions the size of an vinyl record. It's tons of pictures and it goes year by year and has some of the coolest things shoved between the pages and tucked into pockets. One was called Namverse and there was a lot in there I'd not seen and will gleefully have added to the Info glossary. My personal favorite- I&I, which stands for "Intoxication and Intercourse."

I haven't been through the entire thing yet, as I was finishing up my copy edits on Mark and Josh, but it suffices to say, I'm thrilled. The huband did okay.
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