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So close!

Vidding experiment updates here- not interested, no worries- you aren't missing anything.

Okay- Love Tunebyte so far. Completely converted my first season H5-0 DVDs, the deleted scenes and gag reel and they work beautiful in Virtual Dub. The hangup? Virtual Dub is on my laptop- a very old version I'm using in XP. My husband just spent the last few hours downloading Virtual Dub on my desktop here- which is Win7 and well- no joy there. I can't get anything work in it. Flogging around in Google for answers hasn't been a huge help.

So, partial victory. I can "clip" my lovely new episodes on the laptop, but it's a hassle of going between two machines and right now, two different rooms until finish redesigning my workspace down here.

Progress is being made. I will get there eventually.

I now switch you back to your regularly scheduled program...
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