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Oh, to be a princess

There is no two ways around it, my little Siamese is a princess- and she knows it. She's a really sweet cat, don't get me wrong, a snuggler and a lap cat. But she has an ego I'm sure is held over from the time of the Pharohs and pyramids- when her kind were worshipped as gods. And she won't let you forget it.

This morning she was in my computer chair and I wanted in my computer chair. I nudged her gently and she immediately pinned back her ears and hissed at me. The little snot! So I nudged her again but she dug in and glared at me like the lowly staff I am to her. So I picked her up and dumped her on the floor and she left in an 8-cylinder huff. The two of us weren't speaking when I left for work this morning.

Some days your the princess, some days I just don't care. LOL
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