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On the eve of Christmas Eve...

It's been a wild week and then some in the final efforts to get things done for both Christmas and to get my end of the first edits done on Mark and Josh and back out by this past Monday. (Got it out on Sunday- Woot!) With it has been my usual roller coaster of emotions that I have little if any control over.

Met up with decynthus  on Saturday to see Avatar but that sort of fell through and so we went to the Olive Garden for a very nice dinner, conversation and gift exchange. I had a lovely time as I always do when I meet up with her.

I was supposed to meet up with a long time friend from before my son was born on Sunday and that fell through. We ended meeting on Monday instead at my house where she and the lady cats smooozed each other up big time.

In something completely unprecidented at my office. the boss gave us off tomorrow (Christmas Eve) as part of his gift to us. We were floored and grateful. As if that wasn't enough of a shocker, we then received $50 gift certificates yesterday to one of the local super market chains. Wow. On top of that, I was able to leave at 2:30 today although some of the shine was taken off of that between the slick roads and snow and my husband already being home. I swear the man has got radar and knows everytime I sneak home early. I think he takes great pleasure in foiling my plans. *sigh*

Tomorrow we are supposed to head north to my inlaws. This is weather dependent. Between us and northern NY is some of the most treacherous driving in winter if the lake effect kicks in. I've done it when I was younger and survived it. I'm adamant that I won't do it tomorrow. If it's snowing and lake effect, I'm not going. But if we go, my son will come with us in his own car and I'll stay just Christmas Eve night and drive home (hopefully) Christmas afternoon to a quiet and empty house. Husband wants to stay for the rest of the weekend or at least part of it. Go him.

I'll just be so thankful when this is all done. This has been one of my more stressful Decembers that I can remember in a while. It would be nice to simply catch my breath come Friday evening, drink a glass of wine and put in a movie of my choice and chat with HCat when she calls me from Japan. And then write. That has been a lost cause these last few weeks and it's driving me nuts.

So let me say here that I want to wish all my friends a very merry Christmas, a safe one for those who are driving and/or traveling. May it be filled with family and happiness and everything that makes Christmas special to you.


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