fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Live it up, tomorrow the world ends... yeah right.

I'm off until December 26th. Woot. Today was the office Christmas party. There was a rumor going around that we would get to go home after it was over but I knew that was too good to be true. But the party was nice. I participated in the gift exchange and got a wonderful gift basket of gourmet chocolates. Yum. There are raffles and prize drawings but I didn't win anything in that. I haven't in years- ever since I walked away with the big flat screen TV at my first company picnic.

The hecticness is now behind me. Shopping is done and everything is wrapped and/or shipped. (although my package did NOT make it to HCat before she left Japan and returned home to be with her family. So not happy about that.) Tomorrow I have the house to myself for most of the day. I may bake some cookies for the husband. I will probably put up our little tree because even if he doesn't care- I do still like one. I keep it simple though.

My son returned home from NYC on Sunday. He's done there now and is working on getting re-enrolled for his final semester at the local college. He'll be over in the afternoon on Christmas Day to open presents and we'll have dinner. Homemade lasagna.

My cubby buddy, seen in the picture below- is a complete goofball. A lovable goofball and I'm so delighted we share space. But a goofball nonetheless. She's got herself halfway convinced that tomorrow the world is ending. Good grief. Everyone around me is of course ribbing her about it. A few days ago, she turns to me with huge blue eyes and asked if I believed it. I informed her that seriously, if I thought the world was ending do you think I'd be sitting at my desk here in upstate NY? Hell no, I'd be in Hawaii chasing down Scott Caan's ass. Okay, Alex's too, but I digress... so no- I don't believe the world is ending. I will, however, sleep in tomorrow. :)

Had a lovely dinner with decynthus on Sunday and we exchanged presents there. Thank you so much sweetie for all the lovely stuff! She then sent me flowers to the office- lovely yellow roses with yellow and white daisies- which are like my favorite flower in the world. In a big smiley mug.

Hoping and praying I can get some writing done. Have several fanfics all in various stages- a few of which are presents if I can get them done. Keep your fingers crossed on that.

Weather is changing- we should have a white Christmas here. Pfffhhhhht to that. Give me palm trees, beaches and umbrella drinks and I'd be much happier. Snow is so highly overrated in my opinion!

So, I'll end this with a picture taken today. Yes, I'm the fat one on the left. Sue is my long time friend from my days back at the Royal when I used to be her boss. Renee is the pretty blonde- who will be waiting for the world to end tomorrow!

MMRI Christmas
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