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I guess I'm ready

I'm so glad I'm not traveling.

I'm officially ready. Cheesecake is done. Cherry pie is done. Lasagna is made and in the friggie. Presents all wrapped. House as clean as it's gonna get at this point. I even managed to punch out two fic presents and get those posted. (Although a longer Christmas fic is yet unfinished. *sigh*)

At this point I just need to clean off my dining room table which has been staging central for wrapping, packing and bowing. I have a pretty holiday runner I'll pull out and my Christmas china- that's not Christmas but was my grandmother's that she used for Christmas.

My son is home from NYC and will be over tomorrow afternoon.

Seems everything is under control. Now if I could just get rid of this headace I woke up with this morning. :P

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope it's special for all of you.
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