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Newsflash- it's snowing (again) in upstate NY. And, btw, when did we start naming our snow storms events like we do hurricanes? When did I miss that bus?

Thankfully I have no place to be today unless I want to. And I don't. :P

Two SU games on today- SU football at the Pinstripe Bowl this afternoon. SU basketball tonight. Go 'Cuse.

Got my latest Five-0 story pulled off of hawaii5_0slash  with no explanation or warning. I'd labeled it gen because there was no sex or bad words- I should have put it as pre-slash but even I admit that would be pushing it. Oh well. I've got a series all set to start posting that is definitely slash but not sure where I'll post it now. Maybe I'll just stick to A03.

Oh, but it did make it onto the newsletter- something that doesn't happen all the time for me. :)

Being the complete twit that I am- can anyone explain to me the spoiler cut in that I can put things behind it but I don't know how to set it show you can "collapse" it after you've opened it. Like I said, complete twit here.

Will work on my 'spa' room tomorrow. See if I can get husband to set up the new flat screen and DVD player so I can watch my TV on DVD while I walk on the treadmill.

I'm also going to make a huge effort to round up and get my all my cross stitching patterns and supplies into one place. (good luck with that, girlfriend.) I have so much and I really do love it but it's just getting out of hand as I have patterns in bags everywhere. I need a better system. (and it would help when I make my move south- and I'm going to one way or another.)


Tags: cross stitching, h5o, hawaii five-o, organizing, project clean
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