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Leaving shortly to go "Stella" and house sit for tonight at the house I call the "spa." It's my friend's birthday and her husband is taking her overnight to the casino down the road. They'll be back in the morning. Stella, btw, is a 75 pound eleven month old Burnese Mountain dog. She's sweet, thinks she's a lap dog and takes a few to calm down.

So I have my edit work for Glimpses and portable hard drives for vidding if I want.

A couple of weeks ago, we had over two feet of snow on the ground. Then last week we hit two days of unseasonably warm temps and most of it is gone. Today, we got a couple inches back, enough to cover all the mud and nonesense.

Will be posting the next "What If" story in that series. I'm surprised at the response I got with the first one and quite flattered. I've already got the next three done, I just need to decide Episode 5's moment now. :)
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