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Sort of blew up Twitter

Okay, I really do like the guy- that being Scott Caan. And well, he's never made a secret that he a) doesn't like Hawaii and b) really wished he wasn't doing the series. I can appreciate that fact he says what he wants, like it or not. Although sometimes you gotta wonder if there is a fine line here.

He did an interview, I guess last night on some show I'd never heard of- I'm not sure how much was just joking with the woman who interviewed him and how much he honestly meant any of it, but he was less than flattering in more than his usual ways about Hawaii. Which in turn sort of blew up Twitter from what I understand. I guess the lovely state of Hawaii isn't exactly happy right now either.

I just have this image of Alex and DDK (and probably Lenkov too) all cringing should they see it.

And I have no doubt that when his contract is up- he's bolting and not looking back.
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