fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Long, cold week. Oy.

It's totally my own fault, mind you. I did it to myself. You know. Stayed up not one, but TWO nights in a row for my eye candy fix. And I'm not saying it wasn't totally worth it- it was, with two awesome episodes. But geesh, I paid for it with dragging my butt the rest of this week at work. Like I said, completely my fault. (I'm a sucker for bromance, what can I say?)

It's been a wee bit chilly here this past week as well. So much so that when we got up to 14 degrees today- it felt downright balmy. I saw people running around without coats. Oh, and btw- if you were watching the NBC Evening News with Brian Williams on Tuesday I think it was- he reported that Syracuse was buried. o_O At that point, we maybe had a dusting of an inch of snow. Now just a few miles north of us- oh yeah- they were measuring it in feet! But that's not Syracuse, Mr. Williams. Gotta love the folks of NYC, who think anything above West Chester County is basically Canada anyway.

Someone went through my entire AO3 archive and left kudos on every single Five-0 story I have there. Well golly. :)

Was hoping to have the house to myself this weekend but my husband's plans changed. Oh well. I'll still do what I planned. decynthus, lovely, are we still on for dinner on Sunday?

Stopped at my favorite yarn store on the way home- I just needed a pair of size 5US double pointed needles so I can knit some baby preemie hats. Almost $60 later, I walk out with all kinds of lovely yummy yarn. Oh yes, and the needles too. I picked up three skeins of the new Cascade Sunseeker line in three different colors- all lovely sping ones of melon, yellow and bok choy (soft pale green). I'm hoping to make a few lacy shawlettes or a scarf.

Had some fun conversations at work. But I can't help but feel old when the girls around me have no idea who Gallagher is or Cheech 'n' Chong. We also got into a laugh fest over really bad slasher/horror movies. I'm not a fan of these, although my podmate- Renee- is. My one and only real experience with one has left me scarred for life: Motel Hell. To which one girl burst out laughing saying she couldn't believe I saw it, let alone knew of it. A truely awful piece of cinema that I'm sure has a secret cult following. Mark, who sits across from me and loves these really cheesy flicks- was busy writing down the information and looking it up on Amazon. Save me, please.

Almost done with going through Glimpses. Which means it now goes for a hard beta. Meanwhile, I will post the third episode of my "What If" series tomorrow. I'm sure there will be cheering in the streets- it's NC17. Oh boy.

Tags: knitting, writing
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