fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Yikes, it's Friday

My Friday home and thank you very much, I'm so glad. It's snowing out there and hard. When I say snowing- I mean SNOWING. Glad I don't have to be much of anywhere today.

Yesterday, I pull into the parking lot where I work and next to my spot is a shiney new silver Camaro! Yowzers! I had no idea Danny was showing up at my building! LOL- seriously- it was a co-worker who had put her car in the shop and they gave her this as a loaner. I, of course, had to take pictures and pet it. I'll post those later. It's a bigger car than I thought, I will say that.

Have the first several chapters of Glimpses back from the amazingly awesome HCat who is graciously editing this monster. I am currently finishing up my work on the last two chapters so I can send those over to her. Will be posting the forth story in the What If Series either today or tomorrow. This is the one that started this whole adventure. Was supposed to be a one-off but I just couldn't leave it at that. Oy.

Person of Interest was AWESOME as usual last night. God, I love this series.

Was supposed to score the house to myself this weekend. Likely not happening due to the weather making it impossible for my husband and one of the cats to travel north. :P

Have preemie hats to knit. Hopefully I can get one started and well on it's way. We will see.
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