fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Where's that 12 inches you promised me?

Thankfully, we here in Upstate NY only got about a foot. Not sure what the official measurement is but the unofficial one is 12 inches at our house. And for us, it's done, it's moved far enough off the coast that we are no longer involved. Husband spent the last hour or so blowing it all out of the driveway. I'd show pictures but I haven't replaced my camera yet. :P

My son got activated yesterday and deployed back to NYC to help through the weekend at least. We'll see how long he's down there. He just got his classes and such straightened out from when he got activated for Sandy. He's just got this last semester and he'll have his two year degree, but it's proving to be hard for him with all the natural disasters happening here in the north east.

Sister is in Connecticut, about two hours from Hartford. I spoke to her Thursday, have not heard from her since. They are supposed to get upwards of two feet. Keep your fingers crossed for her that she's okay.

I need to move to Charlotte or Charleston. I hate winter.
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