fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Just because

decynthus and I signed up for another knitting class. I think I sort of shanghai'd her into it. But I was at one of the local yarn shops this morning on a search for wool for helmet liners and asked when next they were offering a particular class they teach. Turns out there is one in a couple of weeks, so I signed up, put poor Decynthus on the spot and she signed up too. But we do have fun, I gotta admit.

Princess is pregnant. Yeah, the twit that was my team lead who got promoted to unit lead in my old department. (Proof that boobs and Pantene hair will advance your career...) Anyway, yeah, she's pregnant and telling the entire world. I wouldn't be surprised to see a billboard on the interstate next to the the Mega Millions Jackpot one.

New Years was celebrated quietly with tons of snacks, plenty to drink and fun on the Wii with husband and son. I rock at bowling it seems and can kick both their asses. I'm not half bad at tennis either. I stayed up to see the ball drop and slept in until almost 8 this morning.

Oh, And sweet Dycnthus gave me a "Simon's Cat" book. If you haven't checked out Simon's Cat on YouTube, OMG, you must. What a total hoot. The book is a rip too.

And for grins, I saw this on a different blog and thought it was a complete hoot. So I'll leave you with a grin. It's past Christmas but I think this is way too funny to pass up.

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