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Sister act and computer woes.

Finally spoke to my sister in Connecticut. They got around 30 inches of snow, lost power several times and spent all day yesterday and today digging out. She said the power's back on now though. And they finally got to the bottom of the driveway. But most of the roads are not plowed so she and hubby are not going to work. Which is a good thing as they are now slated for an ice storm late tonight into tomorrow.

We are slated for possibly some sleet and freezing rain here about the time I go into work in the morning but we could miss it- we are on the edge is all we know for now.

In other news- my desktop is going into the shop. I've been getting a lot of problems mounding up and becoming more and more of an annoyance. Thank god I have the laptop AND my netbook, so I'm not without means and access. But this has needed to be done for a while now and I've been putting off broaching the subject with my husband- who doesn't always react well to these things. He's going to take it in for me to a local place he trusts and has had work on our stuff before. I made print screens of all the problems so there is no mistake what's going on. We'll see how much this costs me. It's four years old and I'm not quite ready to say I need a desktop yet. On the other hand, I'm gonna have to gracefully retire my lovely laptop sometime in the upcoming months. It's seven years old, there is no upgrading it and it's just having more and more problems handling all the graphics and such that is our world now. It's becoming impossible to put new stuff on it because it's so dated. The shame is, it's a solid working laptop- a workhorse I've never been disappointed in by Dell. But 1 gig of RAM and Windows XP just aren't cutting it anymore. So I'm going to start looking around with the idea that maybe sometime this summer, probably LATE summer, I may purchase a new one.

Pleasantly pleased that my Five-0 novel- Glimpses- is doing relatively well on AO3. I'm only posting it on one LJ community, it's not like I have a massive following. Once it's done, I'll be back to posting my What If series again.

Oh, my Siamese has decided she needs minions.

Mardi Gras this Tuesday! Lets shake those beads!
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