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Valet Service

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I recently won "valet service" by the manager of my choice at work. I've been enjoying it this week with my old manager going out and brushing off my car, scraping the windshield and warming it up. Then he brings it to me at the door and helps me in.

This is so much more appreciated as this has been a completely awful week weather wise with below freezing temps and snow every day- and my remote start on the fritz. Can I pick a good week for this or what? LOL.

My old manager is a real sport and a sweetheart. And I got my remote start fixed tonight. I'll enjoy my valet service tomorrow and again on Monday and that will be it. Best $1 I ever spent in the company raffle. Well that and when I won the 38" flat screen TV a couple years ago.
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