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Yeah, it's Friday

My Friday off. Go me.

Over the last week or so, I've been reminded about friends and friendships. I try to treat everyone around me as I would want to be treated- be the kind of friend that I would want. So I get disappointed every so often and sometimes I can brush it off and other times, not so much. I guess a reality check isn't such a bad thing, but it is disheartening. 'Nuff said on that.

Had to bake for a charity bakesale at work this week so whipped up one of my standard cheesecakes. Got asked once again why I don't I cater. First of all, I'm not THAT good a cook. Second-- if you saw my kitchen and what I have to work with, you'd totally understand why not. And most importantly, as much as I love to bake (and I do!), it's not a "job" I want. So I'll continue to bake cheesecakes to order and for bake sales because I can.

My tickets are booked for Charlotte for the weekend of my birthday in April. I'll fly down on a Thursday night after work and fly back the following Tuesday. A nice long weekend of being spoiled. I just have to show up and my girlfriend there takes care of the rest. :)

Sidebar: what is it with cats and baskets? I put a basket on the floor here and within minutes my old man cat is nesting in it. I guess I'll get an old towel and make it a kitty bed.

Husband has been trying to go north for the last two weekends. And has been thwarted by weather. He will try once more this weekend.

I really have to camera shop. I miss having one so much.

It's clear I really don't have much to say here but I thought it might be nice to post something different than a chapter from my epic Five-0 novel.
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