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New Recipe, new technique

So I bought a fancy new pressure cooker a few months ago. Very pretty. (Copper colored!) And I've been looking at it since I got it. Finally I bought a cookbook and last week made mac & cheese in it. Wasn't perfect, I learned a few things and I think when I try it next time, it will be better.

But today I'm trying something really different. Cookbook had a recipe for White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake. Will bake in 20 minutes. Well, okay, wow. Why not, right? And I just happen to have a 7" springform pan that fits just right in the well. So I whipped it up and set it up and well, I'll let you know how it comes out. Cooker is coming up to pressure now.

Knitting: After fussing and grumbling and setting aside and trying again, I finally cast on a baby hat onto double pointed needles. Sweet jesus what a project for me. It took me five tries yesterday. Part of the problem was I was dividing it up onto 4 needles to knit with a fifth. Way too much for my small brain and only my second project ever on double pointeds. So I divided up between 3 needles instead and well, it's going along wonderfully now. I can do okay with anything, it's often the getting it started that bogs me down.
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