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Falling in love all over again

This was my Friday off and although I had big plans to write, things didn't exactly work out that way. I just wasn't feeling very good at all. So I got a cup of nice hot Lady Gray Tea and put Tour of Duty on the DVD player and watched the first six episodes.

And fell in love all over again. *huge grin*

I'd forgotten just how utterly adorable and snarky Myron was and how he looked all of fourteen in the beginning. And talk about snarky- I really forgot how downright insolent Zeke was when it came to the brass. He really had no use for officers.

So maybe it wasn't a productive day, but it was, well, nice for a change to simply sit and relax and get reacquainted with the boys of Bravo Company and Firebase Ladybird. And to remember all the reasons I so enjoyed this series to begin with.

But best of all, it was wonderful to fall in love again.
Tags: firebase ladybird, myron goldman, tour of duty, vietnam war, zeke anderson
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