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Now that that's over with...

I thought this week would never end at work. Good grief. Because the banks were closed on Monday, I ended up with double the deposit and then some to balance on Thursday. Normally what takes me a few hours ended up being an all day project that I had to finish up yesterday. The Fridays that I work I use to catch up all the little stuff I let slide until then but instead, yesterday, I was playing catch up from the day before. Thankfully, I cleared it all and can start fresh on Monday.

With my epic Five-0 novel officially off my plate, I'm back on to other projects that include the next What If story and No Surrender- which should finish up the No Promises series. I sort of dropped the ball on that one to finish Glimpses. Oh, and for the first time I got rec'd on the h50_rec_room (for Glimpses)! I'm so flattered and pleased- I did get a vid rec'd there a long time ago, but never any of my stories.

I finally bought a camera since I've been without one since before Christmas. I got the Sony Cyber Shot- DSC-WX150 at a really nice price on Amazon- $100 off. I would have liked to get it in the blue or red, but geesh, they charge at least $75 more just to buy it in a color! So silver it is. It appears to be last year's model (2012) so probably the reason for the decent price. I really miss having a camera and didn't realize how much I would until I dropped my Olympus- which admittedly, I've had for several years.

Will hopefully finish up the second baby hat I started today. Probably while I'm watching the big SU vs Georgetown game later this afternoon. GO SU! The new Knitpicks catalog has some cute patterns I think I may order a few of.

btw- pressure cooker experiment for cheesecake? Huge success! Will be doing that again.

decynthus, love, I'm dying to try PF Changs! I'm hoping the crowds may have died down now a bit. You up for dinner sometime? Hmmm?

And clearly I really have nothing here to say so I'll shut up now.
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