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I love to read. The problem is, when I start to read, I can not stop. To prove a point, I started and finished FOUR full length novels since Thursday night. This includes the newest JD Robb book- Celebrity in Death. And a series that has without a doubt some of the hottest mansex I've ever read- starting with Bound in Honor, Bound by Law and Ties that Bind. I've started the fourth book, Bound in Danger. As a result, I've gotten next to nothing done writing wise for myself. A huge no-no for me on a 3-day weekend where the husband was out of the house most of yesterday and didn't come home until tonight.

I'm hoping to get something done on No Surrender tonight. Not holding my breath but I will try.

Went to dinner for the first time to PF Changs. They are brand new here in the area and I've been dying to try them. The lovely decynthus indulged me and met me and we had a lovely meal. The place was packed and our waitress a bit slow to get to us, but things evened out and the food was very good. I would love to go back sometime but not for at least a few more months. Would like to see the crowds die down just a bit more.

The great cat experiment finally happened this weekend. When my husband goes north over night to visit his parents and game with a buddy up there, he normally takes the old man cat with him. But we decided he should take little Miss Siamese so that we could see how the old man and Tabby Tabby get along. Miss Siamese, although a lovely lady, is also a plotter of evil when it comes to the old man. I guess she can't help it but it drives me crazy she can't get along with him. Meanwhile, Tabby Tabby is just this very lovey sweet personality who wants to be friends with everyone. But with the Siamese stirring the pot and plotting household domination, she hasn't ever been able to cozy up to the old man cat. But this weekend seemed to work just fine. Tabby Tabby and old man cat weren't buddy-buddy, but I could leave them out and not break up fights or have to separate them. And Miss Siamese was properly worshipped as she believes is fitting her station up at my inlaws. So we feel the experiment was a success.

No new Five-0 until March 18th. *pout* Well, this will give me a chance to catch up a bit on the "What If" series.

Need to yarn shop for sweaters for twin boys and a baby girl! Much knitting to be done!

God, is the weekend already done? I mean really? Ugh. I have to start training a girl who moved into my unit on the deposit. She's been with the company for 5 years, but in another unit and never did any deposit. She's really solid though and I'm not worried. I'm sure she'll pick up in no time. And I'm very patient. :)
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