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Another knitting class

This morning was the new knitting class that decynthus and I signed up for- that being Magic Loop. It's another way to make things like socks and mittens and the like. I got there just fine but poor Decynthus was a no show. The first chance I got, I called her up to find out the poor thing had car trouble. Sweet thing, sometimes it just doesn't seem to go your way, I'm sorry. 

As for the class and new technique, it was frustrating for me. It always takes me a few minutes of pure stupidity to try and get the hang of anything- being it computer software, my iPod or knitting. My sweet friend Kallie has been a victum of mine as she patiently would try to show me something and I'd get uptight because it just wasn't making sense. Small wonder she runs south for the winter! Anyway, I sort of digress a bit... I certainly hit the frustration factor and there were at least three instances where I thought of chucking it all in my knitting bag and just leaving. But eventually it started to sink in and after a few false starts, I got it going. Is it gonna be beautiful? Absolutely not. Will I eventually get the technique down? I think so.

The main reason for wanting to learn this is not so much for socks, but for helmet liners. The lovely HCat has made three of these already and she uses this technique to do them. Thus, my reason for the class.

On other topics, tonight I will work on VN2. And if that won't talk nice to me, I'll try Fallout. I'm also going to shop for a new USB powered external hard drive with my Best Buy GC. And look for a newer version of Sony Movie Maker on Ebay.
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