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Still alive. I think

God I hate winter. I'm sick of being cold all the time. Inside or out. Just sick of being cold. It just sucks the life right out of me. And any joy. (And we all know I'm just brimming with joy to begin with, right?)

In local news, I met up with decynthus  yesterday for the second half of our knitting class at Sheep Thrills Yarn shop. That went pretty well and I started a helmet liner. (Three times...) We went to lunch after that and caught up on things. She'd come to my house the week before which was for me, trauma in the making. People don't come to my house. Period. It's a haz-mat zone and well, no one wants to come as a rule. I stopped trying to make it something it's not because I just can't keep up with my husband. So I spent a good chunk of that Friday cleaning and stuff, trying to make the place look like, well, not too much of a disaster zone.

Anyway, decynthus  wanted to meet the new ladies and the old man, all of which were glad to see her and she didn't leave screaming so I'm assuming it went okay. She met me for the second half of our class so that must mean something, right?

In other news, I saw Avatar today with my other friend, Kelly. I was one of those few who hadn't seen it yet. We saw the 3D version and I did enjoy it. The huge battle at the end was very well choregraphed and I apprecaite stuff like that as I love to write complicated action and battle scenes for both my fanfic and my regular writing.

In news on the job- I've somehow become the "designated backup boss" at my office. Neither my unit manger or the new team leader are in as a rule until an hour after I'm in. So everyone comes to me. It annoys the hell out of me as I'm clearly NOT the boss here, I'm not paid to be the boss either. And I get the same emails as everyone else does. So people, read your damned emails and leave me the hell alone. I'm not the boss of you. Period.

In literary news- I've seen the preliminary artwork for my Gwenna website. It's very lush and sexy and pretty. It's still being worked on though so I've not posted it yet. Work goes forward on my edits for Mark and Josh as far as I know. I should hear more in mid-February. But I've been unable to write the last couple of weeks. I'm just so tired and feel dragged out. It's the mid winter blues, I know this. It's comes up and grabs me every year and I'll muck my way through them. But for now it means my writing suffers for a few weeks.

But... because I wasn't writing, I did another episode for Info- I Wish It Would Rain. It looks fabulous with the new layout from HCat who does such a stunning job. She always makes me look so damn good. If I continue to lag on my writing, I'll do another ep. Info has suffered from a lack of attention, not because I've lost interest but because I'm so freaking damn busy all the time. Argh.

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