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Laptops and ponding

I've always had good luck with Dell, never had any problems. My desktop is a Dell, my last two laptops have been Dells. With the exception of my Netbook, everything I've had has been Dell. They are workhorses for me. So I did the research last night, found out the model I want is a PC Mag Editor's choice award winner. Discussed with my husband this morning and we customized the model I wanted. Free shipping and a $60 coupon didn't hurt either. So I did it, bought a brand new Dell Inspiron 17 inch laptop and I'll have it in about 10 business days.

Now I just have to figure out my iTunes account. I did everything on the old laptop. I need to see if I can get at it from this rig. Remember- the technically challenged here. Oy.

Sidebar- due to the heavy winds over the last few days, we had some roof damage we weren't aware of. Until it rained last night and I came up and discovered the small pond in the middle of my bed. Oh boy. Was coming in through the ceiling fan. Husband (who was NOT happy) had to get up on the roof, in the dark and fix it. It's been an interesting 24 hours you could say. *sigh*
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