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Walking, new laptop, writing, nice weather...

Walking update: Nine days in a row. Yesterday and today I did 2.1 miles. The weather has been simply wonderful here, the nights cool and the days very comfortable, which has lent itself to excellent walking weather for me. decynthus and I are now settled into meeting twice a week at the park and doing between two and 2 1/2 miles. I'd like to add biking but my bicycle is in need of a few repairs so it's going to the shop this week.

My new laptop came in on Wednesday. I really like it so far. Was very intimidated by it at first-- I know next to nothing about Windows 8. But I'm picking up on it. Got the most important things loaded- my vidding and editing software as well as Office. Five-0 wallpaper (made by the always awesome azziria) now makes it MY laptop, LOL. My husband got it hooked up to the house wifi so I'm in business. I have to take the time to watch a few youtube tutorials  on Windows 8 to really start using it.

Slowly, I'm clawing my way back into writing- both regular and fanfic. I've got the next Mark and Josh started after having made some decisions to stick with what I know-- that being the Outer Banks. My goal is to make a conscious effort to work on it, at least half an hour, every evening and of course more on the weekends and days off. And after several false starts and small fits, I've got No Surrender back on track. I'm hoping this will be the last in the No Promises series but we'll see what Steve and Danny have to say about it. I've also outlined a sequel to Glimpses, but I don't have a title I'm especially sold on yet.

And for some odd ball reason, I am no longer getting notified of comments and replies here in LJ. So if I didn't get back to you- please understand it's because I had no idea you may have responded to a comment I made on your LJ. This has been going on for about a month now and it's really starting to piss me off.
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