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Finally, got my iTunes account transfered off the old laptop onto my dektop. That place that fixed my desktop a few months ago said they could do it and they were worth every damn penny. They transfered the account and set it up so that I've got all my playlists and everything. Even my last two episodes from my Five-0 season pass were already downloaded for me. So totally worth it.

My Friday off. Normally, I do some running around and today was no exception. After dropping off the two computers for the iTunes exchange, I got the tires rotated, hit up Staples for ink for the printer and some other stuff (I can never get out of Staples with just one thing...), picked up a lovely flowering plant for the mother-in-law and topped it all off with the purchase of a new gas grill. We were in despearate need and since we pretty much live on the gas grill all summer and then some, a necessary one. So not only did I get a lot of stuff done, but money was spent copiously in the process. Oy vey.

Tonight, my son has stopped by. He still eats like a house on fire. *vbg* He's up for promotion and hopes to make staff sergeant by fall. My baby a staff sergeant. Ten yeas ago I wanted to drown him. *sniff* I'm so proud.

Tomorrow husband takes the fat orange cat north with him for the weekend. This means I get the house to myself and since it's supposed to rain most of time, and be notably colder, I have every intention of working on No Surrender (Five-0) and Then and Now (Mark and Josh).

Need to do a bit of baking for another charity bake sale. God my cheesecakes remain popular and highly sought after. Oh boy.
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