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Home, home and home

Back from a lovely fangirl weekend with the lovely Kit who is my vidding companion. It means summer is officially here- I've been to Buffalo. Froze our asses off, yeow but it was cold. Glad we were not the kind to go camping. Instead we stayed in and wrote and vidded.

I struggled with No Surrender and finally wrote a detailed outline for it. That should get me back on track. I will finish this story and the No Promises series one way or another.

I also got most of a Five-0 songvid done. I need to finish converting over my iTunes copies of the season and then I can pull what I need from that and finish it up. It's a fun vid-I wanted something easy to get myself back into it again. I haven't vidded since I visited Kit's for the last time last fall.

Oh, and despite the cold (and sometimes rain) I walked every day for 2 1/2 miles.

Tomorrow it's back to work. :P

Tags: fanvidding, fic, h50, song vidding, vidding
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