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I spent a long weekend at my lovely friend's- Kallie- where I relaxed and caught up, walked and vidded. I've been working on a Five-0 vid since Memorial weekend and had the majority of the clips set when I went out there. But at her place, we discussed some things I wanted to attempt that was beyond my basic and usual editing. With that in mind, I spent the rest of the weekend out of my comfort zone more or less as I went beyond what I would normally have done. It would have been a cute vid before- but I think this notches it up. I'm designing it for cons- including WinCon this fall and ConTxt next June. I think it's pretty much there. I'll hopefully have the last 10% done this week before I leave for Charlotte for the 4th of July week to stay with my friends (and job hunt). I'll post it hopefully by mid July.

Summer has finally gotten here, btw, to upstate NY. Since Memorial weekend, it's been wet and cold day after day. decynthus and I got rained out a few times for our walks, other times we just toughed it out. Hopefully that's past us and we can begin to enjoy the rest of the summer. Despite the weather, I haven't broken my walking streak yet. :)

It looks as if I will be going to Ireland this spring. My sister turns fifty and this is her dream. It's on my life list too, but a little further down as I was hoping to try and do Hawaii possibly this winter. Obviously I can't do both and since my sister's husband won't go with her, I will. We'll have a blast, I have no doubt. I'm letting her make all the decisions- this is HER trip and her big birthday. :)

Five days of work this week and then I'm on an evening flight this Friday to go to Charlotte. I won't be counting the days or anything...
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