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I got the house to myself for the rest of the weekend! Woot! Wasn't sure it was gonna happen but at the last minute this morning my husband (and son) decided to drive north. How cool is that? Now, if I can use the time wisely and actually WRITE- that would make DC here a very happy girl.

And since I'm here and I haven't posted any pictures lately of my lady cats, I thought I bore you all.

As you can see, we have squirrels as big as the cats. The Siamese is not amused.

I got this nylon cat tent from Ikea- The Siamese lives in it and doesn't share. She's quite the princess, btw, and reminds us of it everyday. LOL

This I just took a few minutes ago. They love the windowseat of the bay window and when I come home from work, I usually find them there.

The old man is still not happy with having them. It works both ways- the Siamese ain't none too thrilled with him. We still have spats but overall, they pretty much ignore each other.


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