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So I'm back...

I got back yesterday evening, safe and sound. Of course there was no problems getting home, no delayed or cancelled flights. Instead I get here without a hitch.

Did you ever go away for a few days or weeks and come back and just wish you could turn around and run? Or in my case, nearly burst into tears? I didn't really think my house could look any worse, honestly. But man, was I proven wrong.

My husband insisted on a new couch and I said, fine- you want one- go and get one. So he did. But before it was to be delivered, we needed to get the old furniture out. And he did that. This included two over stuffed chairs, an ottoman and a couch that was old and beat and looked like it belonged in a frat house. Also, while he was at it, I had him get rid of the old futon down here in my work room.

You would think this would lead to somethng nice but I come home to stuff just dumped everywhere. My livingroom has a ton of stuff stacked and heaped at the back, and this monstrosity in the middle that is covered in, I kid you not, at least 8 or 9 blankets. I'm given to understand the new sofa is under that.

My workroom looks like someone upended it. And it smells musty which it never did before I will tell you! And at some point the cats had somehow knocked over my lovely 24" monitor. (Thank god it still works.) My desk looks like a bomb went off. I assure you, it wasn't this way when I left!

I'm bewildered beyond words. I have no idea where to begin. I can't write in this mess, I can't vid, I can't do ANYTHING. And yeah the new couch is comfortable, but really, do I need to be in a dorm room to have it?

I think I'll just curl up on my bed upstairs and cry, that's how overwhelmed with this situation I am.
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