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Hanging out with a fellow fangirl for the weekend.

I'm at Kit's for the weekend. I came in Thursday, having left work early. With no AC at home and the worst of the heat to come, I fled to Buffalo where I've been relaxing. Not only that, but Kit's laptop died and so I'm loaning her my Netbook while she decides what it is she wants to get. She can't vid on it, but she can do everything else and she's so thankful.

I was so close to having my Five-0 vid done before I came. But I've been so hot and sticky at home and bit annoyed with everything around me that I haven't had the energy or will to finish it or to write. Coming here let me get back into it and I got the whole thing wrapped up by evening. I haven't done a vid in quite a while so it feels so good to have this accomplished. I made it with the idea it that I'm putting it up for some upcoming cons including WinCon and Contxt (which is in June). But I will be posting it here this weekend, probably tomorrow or Monday. I want to let it sit and then go back and see if I need to fix anything.

Now I need to decide my next vidding project.

This afternoon, after going out for Chinese, I'm going to write. I've been so incredibly stalled and very unhappy with myself because of it. I'll try No Surrender first but if that doesn't talk to me, I'll see what I can jump start. Something has to break loose. I hate that I'm not getting anything done!

Thunderstorms rolled through last night. I lay in bed listening to them. I love the sound of the rain on the roof and grumble of thunder.

Oh, and we've been watching Crossing Lines. I've watched it right along but Kit has been catching up. I really like it but I don't seeing it being picked up past the summer. I can hope I'm wrong. So many damaged characters, oh my.
Tags: contxt, crossing lines, h50, song vidding, vidding, wincon
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