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I'm gonna do it

I'm throwing caution to the wind-- I've decided that I'm going to Hawaii to participate in the SotB party next month. I'm going to go for the week- I've put in for the time at work. Sadly, I'm going alone. It's very bad timing for HCat so she can't go for sure. I've been hedging and going back and forth but finally decided that this will likely be the best and only chance I will get.

I realize I have a VERY limited flist here- but if anyone else is going, please, let me know. I'd love to meet up.

I'm going to talk to a few travel agents this weekend and see what I can do and what's the best deal I can get. 

Most importantly, I'm hoping they will be shooting on location at least one day that week because that's what I really want to see so badly. I will likely not get another chance.

So there it is. 
Tags: five-0, h50, hawaii, hawaii five-0, sotb 2013
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