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Writing and vidding updates

Current story I've been pounding on the last few days is up to 4065 words. Since that means I've almost made my original goal of 5000, I've agreed to double that. I'm figuring this story is going to finish out around that anyway. It's what I call a "tight" piece- it's a specific event during a very specific moment in time so unlike Glimpses- it's not going to become an epic. I hope to have the first draft done by the end of this week then I can go over it, find the "holes" and plot problems then overwrite it.

wincon has announced they are taking vid submissions now! Woot! I made Let's Talk About Sex specifically for that and ConTxt which is next June. So also this weekend, I will be working on trying to split it out the way most of these conventions want it. Although if I fail (and I likely will- I'm so pathetic...) they will take an AVI. A couple years ago they had my First Season Promo and it went very well I'm told.
Tags: fanvidding, h50, hawaii five-0, song vidding, vidding, wincon
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