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It's official

decynthus and I are booked and paid for- for SotB 2013. \O/ I ended up working with a fabulous travel agent down there who got us an ocean view room at the hotel that is RIGHT THERE. We just walk over. I couldn't be more pleased with the arrangements and the price. He's also going to be at this hotel for the event that night. And he's getting us networked in with some other fans who know what they are doing so we can get a spot to possibly meet and get autographs.

They are also offering a murder mystery tour and a luncheon/tour of the Beyer Estate (Steve's House) and I booked us on that. Because we booked our entire vacation with him, we are getting the Beyer Estate get together for free.

So it's a done deal! We will be there for the week- Saturday 21st through Saturday the 28th! Lots of pictures of the entire adventure as well as LJ updates promised. And Boo Boo will be coming of course as well so expect him to photo bomb some of the fun!
Tags: h50, hawaii, hawaii five-0, sotb 2013, sunset on the beach 2013
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