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Cat Fracas

We had a cat fracas on Thursday night. The foolish Siamese decided to dive bomb the old man and he got royally pissed. He pinned her and wailed on her until we broke it up. You punk the old man, he's gonna kick your furry little ass.

Unfortunately, he must of bit her tail and we didn't discover it until last night around 4:30. Midway down it was swollen and very tender and she hissed at me when I found it. So our vet worked her in very last minute and my husband took her down. She got the middle third of her tail shaved, revealing a nasty wound that thankfully, wasn't abscessed yet. But we have her on antibiotics now.

Being a Siamese comes with a lot of dignity and she's no exception. Having a partially shaved tail is not amusing her in the least. I'll have to get pictures later as frankly, she looks moth eaten with it in the shape it's in.

*sigh* Kids. What to do with them.

in a side note, my friend in Charlotte, NC got snow. She's actually in a suburb south of there, which puts her in South Carolina. It wasn't much, about four inches. A mere dusting to an upstate New Yorker like myself. It shut down the entire city she told me.


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