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Juggling two stories

I worked on No Surrender today and added 1135 words to that. That's a lot for one day for me. This brings my total word count up to 6669 for the month. I'm still trying to make it to 10K to meet the goal I set for this month with the 1_million_words community. I had originally set a 5000 word goal but after meeting that decided to push for 10,000 now.

Hostage isn't finished but I will come back to that as soon as I get some of these scenes finished on No Surrender. Besides, I've had a lot of people begging me to finish out the No Promises universe and I'm trying my best to do just that.

I leave for Kallie's on Wednesday for the long holiday weekend and plan to bring both stories with me along with two song vids I'm pulling clips for. I always get a lot done at her place so I'm hopeful.

The new laptop is back from the shop, thank gawd. *rolls eyes* $40 got it fixed (keep your fingers crossed). I was told it had a couple of viruses- (go to hell McAfee you piece of garbage!), a piece of software that does not play well with Win8 and that Win8 still has a few bugs to be worked out. The upshot is, they debugged it and it seems to be back in working order. I'm praying it stays that way as I will be needing it to do much of anything this upcoming weekend.
Tags: 1 million words, fic, h50, no promises, no surrender, writing
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