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Odds and ends

I sent my submission to WinCon for my Five-0 vid Let's Talk About Sex. I wasn't able to do the split out of the video/audio but they said they would accept AVIs so I sent it that way. I had before- two years ago I had sent my Season One Promo

Got a lot done today- baked a Key Lime cheesecake for an order, three loads of laundry, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher twice and cleaned my bathroom. Which needed it badly.

I leave for Kit's Wednesday afternoon and will be there until Monday. Plan on doing some serious vidding and writing. And relaxing. Of course Hawaii is coming up fast too and before I know it decynthus and I will be on the plane and heading for Honolulu. \0/

Time to see if I can get some word count done on one of these two stories I'm currently juggling right now.
Tags: five-0, h50, hawaii, vidding, wincon
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