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So, it's the unofficial end of summer...

I've been at Kit's since Wednesday afternoon and it was, as always, a wonderful time. It's so nice to escape my day to day life and relax and just not worry about anything more than if we want to go out to eat or make something in instead.

I had hoped to pull off my word count for the Big Buddy August Challenge which was 10,000 words and a vid. I had originally set out for 5000 and when I made that, decided to up it. I fell short though, came in just over 8000 and have about 2/3rds of my vid done. I'm not disappointed though. I was having a really rough time writing lately and this did what I wanted it to-- gave me a jump start and as a result I've got a new story 3/4ths done (Hostage) and I've gotten past a troublesome spot in No Surrender so that's coming along. So success as far as I'm concerned. I did sign up for the this month- but only for 1000 words as I will be in Hawaii for SotB for the last week.

With the writing and vidding-- we also watched all of the first season of The Newsroom and I think the first four episodes of this new season. I'm very much enjoying it. I don't get HBO so I may have to see if I can buy it on iTunes to keep up with it.

I also walked 3.6 miles four days in a row while staying at Kit's. My walking streak for the summer remains intact by the way-- I haven't missed a day since I started in late April. I will say this- I love beach walking and I can't wait to get to Hawaii so I can do some early morning walks on the beaches of Waikiki.

decynthus, darling, are we walking tomorrow unless it's thunderstorms? We sooooo need to sit down and work out some details about the trip too. Three weeks away, m'dear! Almost squee time!!!

Anyway... it's the last day of the NY State Fair here in Syracuse. We who live in upstate NY consider this the end of summer. I do love Fall- I love the smell and snap in the air and there is nothing more beautiful than the leaves in NY State when they turn. I just wish it didn't mean winter will soon be knocking on our door. All of this a reminder that once again, I couldn't relocate south despite my efforts. *sigh*

Back to work tomorrow. Yeah, it's only a four day week. And it's a four day week next week too. Woot.
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