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Falls and aloha

I took a nasty spill today. I'm such a freakin' klutz, I swear. I was taking a basket of laundry to be hung out in the back yard, wasn't paying attention and fell coming down the steps from the deck. We have a huge maple tree back there and the bigger roots are exposed and I landed on my right side on one of those. For a minute I was afraid I'd broke my leg-- thankfully not. But I will have a mother of a bruise below my right knee that will look stunning for Hawaii. In progressing hours other bruises and owiees are making themselves felt from right arm to right hip. *sigh*

In happier news, decynthus and I met for dinner tonight to hammer out some plans and logistics for the trip. It's so hard to believe we'll be there in two weeks! With the exception of the two events we are booked on (Sunday and Tuesday) and of course the main event on Thursday- we are free agents and have a rental car. So we will be checking out things and if we are very very lucky, maybe see some on location shooting. I'm not holding my breath but it would be sooooo fantastic if that were the case. Am also so looking forward to meeting kapuahi who I think is already there in Hawaii as I write this.
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