fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Every Monday morning should be this nice

I'm in Waikiki! We got here Saturday afternoon although it was evening by the time we finally made it to the hotel. Let's just say poor DC here got traumatized by the traffic and the unplanned street party that blocked off our access to the hotel. We must have circled at least 4 times before the girls at the front desk talked us in. OMG, I so do not what that to happen again. But here we are, with a beautiful view and we can see where they put up the big screen for the SotB party in a few days!!! Woot!!! \0/

I have no way to resize my photos as I've only got my netbook, so we'll try photo bucket here.

Every Monday morning should look like this!
Tags: h50, hawaii, hawaii five-0, waikiki
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