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A first class tour

Before I say anything else, let me just take the time to say thank you to kapuahi and lou_c who took us on an incredible tour of the island today. We basically went around the entire thing, going from Diamond Head and seeing the studios to the North Shore and everything in between. We even saw real sea turtles today. It was an amazing day to say the least.

I'm not the world's best photographer here, so sorry these don't do justice to the beauty of this island.

China Man's Hat

Sunset Beach at the North Shore

Sea Turtle (one of four there today)

Mountains on the leeward side of the island

Tomorrow is the Bayer Estate tour. I can't wait for this as I only got to see the front of the house when I was here for that 12 hour layover. I so want a layout of the house so that I can write those scenes more comprehensively. That's not until tomorrow afternoon. It looks like we will all do Pearl Harbor on Wednesday. That's the plan so far. :)
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