fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Well just wow

So I'm standing at the elevator, waiting to go down and I turn around and they have today's newspapers stacked there for free on a shelf. So I'm looking because I'm waiting and OMG- guess who is on the front page? Sweet Jesus, lou_c and I are on the front page of the Star Advertiser!!!. I grabbed all the copies and ran back to the room to tell decynthus.

Can say this has been an incredibly memorable trip. I didn't get to see the on location shooting unfortunately, or Scott at SotB, but I still had a fantastic time.

We leave tomorrow evening to return home. I promise I'll post the rest of my pictures of SotB itself and catch everything up here once I'm home.

Keep your fingers crossed and good thoughts because we have two layovers (San Fran and Chicago) and they are both tight. 
Tags: h50, hawaii, hawaii five-0, sotb 2013
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